Our eco-friendly initiatives

To be a sports site that promotes positive action for the planet and people.

Environmental responsibility is part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitments. For several months now, we have been committed to taking a more responsible approach to choosing the products we offer.

Find out more about the different measures we are taking and let's rise to the challenge together.

What is our eco-friendly vision?

Preserve our recreational areas with the aim of limiting our impact on the environment and promoting social interaction.

We are therefore aiming to further promote eco-friendly products made by our partnering brands, with the goal of Private Sport Shop selling 35% of these products by 2025.


By making eco-friendly products made by partnering brands that support our vision more visible.

1. new pictogram

To help you out, we have created a new pictogram that you will find on eco-friendly products.

This label offers you a guarantee that the products respect one or more of our sustainable, environmental or social standards (manufacturing conditions, production cycle transparency, transport, staff employment, etc.)

2. our eco-friendly standards

In each of the descriptions of the products in question, you will find detailed information about the following criteria

PLANETFor these products, our partnering brands are committed to reducing the carbon impact through their production tools and infrastructures (lower water and electricity consumption, factories with solar panels, etc.). A product made in Europe has a lower carbon footprint than an imported product.

PRODUCTWe work with brands that create quality products made with more sustainable materials (organic cotton, polyester, nylon) with a minimum of 50% recycled materials.

PEOPLEWe want to see transparency in production chains and working conditions that respect established social certifications.

3.labels, as a guarantee

You can find the different labels and certifications that our partners have earned in our product descriptions.

An eco-label is awarded by an independent organisation to a product that is likely to reduce its impact on the environment. We verify the authenticity of this information with the relevant organisations before labelling products.


Let's keep tackling the challenge of a more responsible approach and get Private Sport Shop selling 35% of these products by 2025!